Rockabilly Heart

Tamra Rosanes


Tuesday, 30 July 2013 15:18

2006 (My Way Music)

1. AT THE LINE DANCE (Tamra Rosanes) 2. PEACE UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE (Tamra Rosanes) 3. YOU CAN´T STOP LOVE (Tamra Rosanes) 4. ADIOS FARVEL GOODBYE (Tamra Rosanes) 5. LASSO YOU (Tamra Rosanes/noah rosanes) 6. PARTY ANIMAL (Tamra Rosanes/Layng Martine Jr) 7. I FEEL COMPLETE (Tamra Rosanes/Jascha Richter) 8. LANGUAGE OF THE HEART (Tamra Rosanes) 9. LIFE CAN BE A PARTY (Tamra Rosanes) 10. I WON´T LET GO (Tamra Rosanes/Jascha Richter) 11. LUCKY ME, LUCKY YOU (Tamra Rosanes)

cat. M20075-2