Rockabilly Heart

Tamra Rosanes


Tuesday, 30 July 2013 14:34

2002 (EMI/CMCrecords)

1. EVERY LITTLE THING (Carter/Anderson) 2. ACHY BREAKY HEART (von Tress) 3. LET YOUR LOVE FLOW (Williams) 4. ON THE ROAD AGAIN(Willie Nelson) 5. ROSE GARDEN (Joe South) 6. JAMBALAYA (Hank Williams) 7. NINE TO FIVE (Dolly Parton) 8. ACT NATURALLY (Morrison/Russell) 9. ALL SHOOK UP (Blackwell/Presley) 10. SIX DAYS ON THE ROAD (Green/Montgomery) 11. WHEN WILL I BE LOVED (Everly) 12. OH LONESOME ME(Gibson) 13. COUNTRY PARTY (Tamra Rosanes)

cat. 5376772


Tuesday, 30 July 2013 15:18

2006 (My Way Music)

1. AT THE LINE DANCE (Tamra Rosanes) 2. PEACE UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE (Tamra Rosanes) 3. YOU CAN´T STOP LOVE (Tamra Rosanes) 4. ADIOS FARVEL GOODBYE (Tamra Rosanes) 5. LASSO YOU (Tamra Rosanes/noah rosanes) 6. PARTY ANIMAL (Tamra Rosanes/Layng Martine Jr) 7. I FEEL COMPLETE (Tamra Rosanes/Jascha Richter) 8. LANGUAGE OF THE HEART (Tamra Rosanes) 9. LIFE CAN BE A PARTY (Tamra Rosanes) 10. I WON´T LET GO (Tamra Rosanes/Jascha Richter) 11. LUCKY ME, LUCKY YOU (Tamra Rosanes)

cat. M20075-2