Rockabilly Heart

Tamra Rosanes

Like I Like it

Tuesday, 30 July 2013 12:16

2000 (CMCrecords

1. MIRACLES (Tamra Rosanes) 2. TWO HEARTS (Tamra Rosanes) 3. I BET YOU SAY THAT TO ALL THE GIRLS (Tamra Rosanes/David Kent) 4. FOR YOU (Tamra Rosanes/Noah Rosanes) 5. IN ON THAT (Tamra Rosanes/Layng Martine Jr.) 6. YOUR EYES (Tamra Rosanes/Viskinde) 7. STILL LOOKING (Tamra Rosanes/Layng Martine Jr. ) 8. WAITING FOR YOU TO LOVE ME (Tamra Rosanes/Esben/Grimstrup) 9. HE`S AN ASSHOLE (BUT HE`S MY ASSHOLE) (Tamra Rosanes) 10. I`D GIVE IT ALL UP FOR YOUR LOVE (Tamra Rosanes/Assi Roar/Brant N. Miller) 11. EXACTLY LIKE I LIKE IT (Tamra Rosanes/Layng Martine. Jr. ) 12. NEVER ENDING GAME OF LOVE (Tamra Rosanes)

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