Rockabilly Heart

Tamra Rosanes

Good Times

Monday, 29 July 2013 16:44


1. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL (Sam Cooke) 2. YOU GOT GOLD ( John Prine) 3. ONE HUNDRED AND TWO (Kennerly, Potter,Wynonna Judd) 4. RUB IT IN (Layng Martine Jr.) 5. HOPE I DON`T TALK IN MY SLEEP (Tamra Rosanes) 6. I`LL CRY FOR YOURS (Jetton/Randall) 7. MY NIGHT TO HOWL (Rick Giles/Black/Roberts) 8. NOTHING ON BUT THE RADIO (Jetton/Lord) 9. TRUE LOVE (Pat Alger) 10. NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU (Tamra Rosanes/Rick Giles) 11. LOVE HAS NO BOUNDARIES (Tamra Rosanes/Rick Giles)